Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers


Hye , Hai , Hi . :)

Ngada-ngada gila . Okay , please stop with your merepek things Maira . Straight to the point please . 

First thing first : 
Happy Birthday to myself . 
I know . No need to tell me many times . Im already 19 . And ofcourse I can watch 18sx movies in cinema . I already knows about that . TETTT~~~ . Gila gatal la kau . Hahaaa . Ala , but for those who really knows me well , taulakan aku camne kalau ada part-part yang tak sepatutnya ditonjolkan . Kejap-kejap .... Malu kot kalau bayangkan perangai sendiri ! Seriously okay , Im not that kind of girl yang tengok things yang dirty ni . Jaga otak . Haih , see ~~ merepek lagi . Okay , actually I wanna THANKS to all my family and friends for the sweet wishes . Sangat terharu . First , I got a message from my mother yang gila menyayat hati till I burst my tears . Thanks ibu for your wishes , Im proud to tell the whole universe that i am your daughter . Seriously , birthday kali ni sangat-sangat buat aku sedih . Yela , usually I celebrated my bornday with my beloved dearly buggie buggie family tapi yesterday .... emm . 
Okay , next ~ thanks to my T.r.u.e.f.r.i.e.n.d.s : Najatul Faten (for your call) , Lekha (for your sweet post on your tumblr and your sweet sms *burst my tears too*) , Linie (for your wishes) , Pa'ie (also for your wishes) and last but not least dear Su ( for your late wishes*merajok*) . Thanks jugak kat Yan , Kira , Eca ..... Sayang korang gila banyak .. Eyh , lupa . 
My orang tua yang bushuk : Muhammad Syafiq Asyraf
For my gila sayang cousin : Nurul Aqilah and Raja Nurhazreen . Sayang korang banyak-banyak *sambil buat gerakan tangan menunjukkan banyak* . Hahaa , childish gila kot aku ! 
For my 2nd sister in law to be , jangan lupa hah adik punya present ! Okay benda ni for semalam .

Now , i would like to wish to my adik sayang : Lau Jia Hwee . Happy birthday and have a blast on your birthday . I hope you will be an excellent student and success in your career Lau ! Ich liebe dich immer noch so sehr ! Hahaaa . Also , be a good daughter to both of your parents k . :D

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